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Create eye-catching feature walls with 3D Wall Decor Panels

Have you ever seen it : 3d wall decor panels? Be the first to install them in your interior and be modern! 3D wall deco can be painted and repainted so you will never get bored with them!

WallArt has unveiled a new range for 3d wall decorpanels or 3d wall-cover especially for those eco conscious home owners who want each and everything inside their homes to be environmentally friendly.

Do you want to give your store an ultra hip look the easy way? Then all you need are one or more 3D wall panels from WallArt! They are easy to install, surprisingly affordable and also very durable. The embossed wallpanels and 3d wall decor panels can be easily pasted on a smooth surface using tile glue or an alternative eco-friendly glue. If you're not sure about the white color, the wall can be painted over after installation

Each 3d wall exists of a number of square wall tiles with an embossed effect. At the moment you can pick and choose from up to 20 different textures. Each of 3d board model guarantees a classy and striking store appearance!

So click through on our website, explore what your favorite 3D-wall decorpanels from WallArt is and treat your customers on a real surprise!